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Accessibility for All offers businesses access to a package of innovative and essential services backed by the Disability Resource Centre’s experience and track record in the field of disability equality.

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For further details, please contact the Accessibility for All team on 0121 248 4530 or email

Disability Consultancy Service

Our consultancy service provides highly trained and specialist consultants to work with your business on any disability related work-based issue. 

Disability Consultancy Service

Training Courses

Training courses for organisations and employers:
 - Impairment Specific Training
 - Disability Equality Training
 - British Sign Language training.

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Accessibility Audits

A bespoke service that works with new or established businesses to improve disabled access to premises.

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Formatting Service

The Accessibility for All formatting service provides cost-effective formatting of written documents for the business sector.

Formatting Service

Workplace Well-being Service 

The Workplace Well-being Service provides a unique ‘pick and mix’ package of support to help you ensure that your employees are fit for work. 

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