Workplace well-being

Making the World of Work Accessible

The Workplace Well-being Service is an integrated service for employers of all sizes that aims to improve employee absence, reduce employee absenteeism rates and therefore increase efficiency and profitability through responsible business practices. 

The Workplace Well-being Service provides a unique ‘pick and mix’ package of support to help you ensure that your employees are fit for work.


For further details or to make a booking, please contact the Workplace Wellbeing Service Team on 0121 789 7365 or email

Health and Well-being Workshops

Our wide range of trainers all have expertise in disability and health and well-being issues.

More about our Health and Well-being Workshops

Complimentary Therapies


We can provide a range of complimentary therapies to your employees, which have been proven to be effective in treating and relieving conditions such as stress. 

Complimentary Therapy information

Leisure Activities

We can provide a range of leisure activities on or off-site for staff of all abilities.

Leisure Activities

Confidential Counselling

Our specialist, qualified and registered counsellors can help your staff manage:

 - Depression
 - Anxiety
 - Stress

Condition Management Training

When a member of staff is diagnosed with a specific impairment, this can cause a significant amount of stress, which can also affect their performance at work. 

Condition Management Training

Accessability for All

Employers can also access a range of additional services provided by our Accessibility for All Team including:

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What people say

Victoria Vincent from Remploy:

"Thank you for all the support you have given the last group. We have had really positive feedback."

Tom Vasiljevic from Remploy:

"I just wanted to say thank you. The feedback has been very positive and I feel the candidates have benefited from the course."


George Churwell – client:

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Paul Rogers for the recent EPP I attended.  The programme accomplished good results for myself and also other people who attended.  The course was professionally conducted by all concerned."

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